Sunday, December 10, 2006


I'm finally able to read the Korean alphabet. I still don't know what I'm reading but I can read it. It comes in handy for a few things such as using the messenger system on my school's computers because I can now read people's names. It's also good for distinguishing if a place is a bar or a noribang (karaoke room). Seriously, one-third of every "bar" in the bar areas are actually karaoke rooms.

Friday night I went to Gundae and went to a few bars with Matt. Ended up at this one place and the bartender's name was Bobby. He was probably the fruitiest dude I've seen yet in Korea but he was a nice guy and gave us a free cocktail.

I asked Bobby if he could recommend the busiest or biggest bar in the area and as I expected, he said this bar was the biggest one in the area. Maybe it was true, but the place wasn't that big, although it did have two levels.

I've come to realize that Korean's aren't overly helpful when it comes to recommending night clubs. Well, I should rephrase that and say the Korean bartenders aren't any help at all. Even my bartender friend, Sonny (who's wedding I attended yesterday... more on that later), claims that he doesn't really know much about any other bar besides the one he works at.

But anyway, yeah, I can read now... If only I knew what I was reading...

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