Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Make work projects...

Sometimes it's better to seem busy. It's like that episode of Seinfeld where George realized that if he looked frustrated and had a lot of papers on his desk people would think he was a great worker.

That also works here in Korea as well, but I usually keep my desk cluttered as well as the desktop on my computer.

Last week I made some signs for a grade 4 lesson. I could have made some simple signs with a few markers and a peice of cardboard but instead I took an hour or so and made some great signs on the computer. Here they are.

Making these posters was fun, plus I could sit there and listen to music while I created them. I looked busy and I made a useful "teaching resource."

We needed some fake money for this lesson, so once again I out did myself.

Now that's some valuable currency right there, and the kids loved it. The word got around the school about this money so I had teachers and students from the other grades bugging me to see it.

I've been carrying a bill around in my pocket for the last two weeks and I still get asked daily to "show them the money."

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