Friday, September 08, 2006

Half in da bag...


So I'm kinda drunk right now.

Well, maybe I'm really drunk right now but my addiction to the internet has pulled me into the PC Bang once again.

After school today the "Young Mens and Womens Club" met up and went out for dinner and a few drinks. Turns out that this club is comprised of the non-married teachers at my school. I may have developed a crush on at least two of my teachers in the process but all is good.

We started out at a restaurant where I had the best meal thus far in Korea. I don't remember what it's called right now but it involved cooking our own pork at the table we were sitting at. The meal was amazing.

My co-workers can all speak much better English than they give themselves credit for and it's too bad that the girls left early because of Korean customs. Sometimes this culture sucks!

I can't type right now so I'll update tomorrow.

One thing worth noting is that me and 3 fellow male teachers played basketball after we drank about 5 jugs of beer and we still kicked ass at the park.

I blocked the shit outta one guy.

As Jamie Mullins would say, "Mark it down!"

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