Sunday, September 17, 2006


I finally have the internet at my apartment now. Its the fastest connection I've ever used and its blowing my mind here. I can't get over the speeds I'm getting. I'm already battling myself trying to decide what to keep and delete from my hard drives. After one day, I've just about filled the 50 gigs I had to play with. I can see this becoming a major problem for me so I'm just gonna stock up on external hard drives and create one of the greatest pirated media collections this side of Indonesia.

It was a friend's brithday Friday we I went to Gangnom (again) and drank booze and ate food. Went to a bar called The Woodstock that played all classic rock and the DJ was this old Korean in front of a computer. If he didn't have the song you wanted, he could download it for you and it would the next song played. Brilliant.

And I've had my first "being from Newfoundland" experience since I've been to Seoul. My night started at a Kalbi restaurant and some friends from Newfoundland called me and told me to meet them at the Woodstock. I got the birthday bunch to come along and we walked in but my friends aren't there. I give them a shout on my cell phone and they inform that there are actually two Woodstocks so they try to explain where it is but I couldn't find it when I went looking. I needed to meet these people because they were gonna lend me some cash so I call them back and they come to the Woodstock that I'm at and all is well.

I go crash at my Newfy friend's place and when we woke up we were talking about the night before. They tell me that there were a few Newfy girls at the other Woodstock and they thought they were from Corner Brook.

We're sitting there being extremely hungover and I look at them and ask "Was her name Rae?"

They look at me in amazement and say "Holy shit man yes!! That's her!!!" We just sat there amazed that these things can happen even in a city with nearly 20 million people.

I know this girl because Corner Brook is only about 50 km from my hometown. Well, I don't actually know her but she's a friend of a friend and I talked to her on the phone before I came to Korea because she'd been here a while and I wanted some questions answered.

I don't think these type of things happen to anyone else on Earth besides Newfy's.

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