Monday, September 18, 2006

Nothing but the best...

I don't have much to say today besides I'm the best teacher in the world.

Well, that may be a stretch but if you ask the grade fours at my school, they will tell you that I am. And we all know that children in grade are at a time in life when the mind is free, intuitive, ingenious, unparalleled, ablaze, bright, coruscating, dazzling, effulgent, flashy, effulgent, gleaming, glittering, glitzy, glossy, glowing, incandescent, intense, lambent, lucent, luminous, lustrous, radiant, razzle-dazzle, resplendent, ritzy, scintillating, showy, sparkling, vivid, and finally, knows whats up.

Anyway, one of my co-teachers read me a few journal entries that class 4-1 wrote and boy, do they like me. Last year English was one girls most hated subject, but this year its her favorite. Some of them even said they "loved" me, and that's a quote.

Nothing like a good ego boost from some ten year olds.

I also began working with my new co-teacher today. She teaches all of the grade four class with me except class 4-1, who I like to refer to as my fan club. Her English is pretty good and she's only 27. I'm glad she's young because I feel much more comfortable acting like the best teacher in the world when I'm workin with an Asian peer.

Its hard for me to act like the super-duper cool teacher that I am when I'm in the classroom with my grade five co-teacher because she's older and more reserved in the classroom. She's a really nice lady and has helped me with many things outside of the school but I can't see us being a great teaching team. She could never match my energy, enthusiasm, and wit and probably wouldn't think the period was going well if the kids were laughing for half of the class.

Personally, I think this works, keeps the kids awake, and makes them enjoy English and coming to school.

But back to my new co-teacher. I think I'm going to have a great year working with her because she may even be "hip." She wears cool glasses, stylish, sexy clothes and has a degree in music. She plays the cello and a little guitar on the side. I don't know what the ethics are regarding dating your co-workers, but I may look into that question. She currently lives with her Aunt in central Seoul and is trying to find an apartment in my area to be closer to school, but I think she really just wants to get closer to me. Or maybe she just doesn't wanna spend two to three hours on the subway each day. Who really knows?

But seriously, I know it would be a terrible disaster to actually date someone who I have to work with in the classroom for the next year, but I've done dumber things than that before.

Maybe I'm starting to get "yellow fever." This is known as a strong attraction to Asian girls and most people who move to this side of the world end up infected sooner or later.

I had my immunization shots before I left, but I may have been too cheap to get that shot. I cant' remember.

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