Sunday, September 03, 2006

I could swear it was Christmas Eve...

I had to get a couple of photos taken for my Alien Registration Card so I went to the GS Mart. Man, the place was packed. It seemed like Christmas Eve at Wal-Mart back in Canada. Actually, it was more like five or six Christmas Eves combined.

The place was just one big line. Once you got in the line you were stuck with the flow and had no choice about where you could go. It took me an hour just to get around the store. It wasn't like that the first time I went there on Friday. I guess Sunday is shopping day.

I went for a walk around my neighborhood today and ended up buying a couple pairs of socks from a street merchant. I asked him what the price was ("olma-eyo" is how you ask) and he said 3000 Won. I said 2000 Won and it was a done deal. Then I picked up another pair and he sold them to me for 1000 Won (1000 Won is equal to about a dollar). One pair was Nike and the other Adidas. In Canada they would have cost five bucks each for sure. Next time I'm gonna start my negotiations a lot lower. I bet I could have saved 1000 Won.

I have a feeling I'm gonna buy a lot of stuff here I really don't need just because it's so cheap.

A few meters up the road was a shoe store. The name of the place made me laugh out loud when I saw it. "Athlete's Foot." I dunno if I'll be doing any shopping there.

I also tried out some Korean McDonalds today. It was virtually the same as back home but the Mac sauce didn't have the same tangyness (is that a word?). It only cost 4400 Won which is much cheaper than home. I'm gonna try not to eat it too much because I'm sure it's just as unhealthy here even if it's cheaper.

I sent a few messages to some people on Dave's ESL Cafe. It's a website dedicated to English teachers abroad. The url is I'm gonna meet up with a few people in my area and they're gonna show me around. Once again, the internet is proving it's worth to mankind, even if it is mainly used for pornography and other creepy stuff.

I have my second day at school tomorrow and it's a big day. My television debut happens at 8:40AM on the schools weekly broadcast. Although this isn't an award ceremony like the Oscars, maybe I should've written a speech or something. I dunno. I'm just gonna wing it as usual. That's more my style.

No one's gonna understand anything I say anyway.

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