Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Money well spent...

Although my school has a student population with one of the lowest socio-economic status's in Seoul, the principal decided to go out and buy each staff member a new track suit for the Physical Education Festival. Check it out.

The teacher in the middle is my new co-teacher. I got over my crush on her when I saw how she scolded the kids.

Man, she puts them in their place. And in my opinion, they aren't even being bad. I wish I had her as my grade six co-teacher.

After I took their picture, they demanded that I have my picture taken with them, and I did not have the nerve to say no. I wasn't taking any chances on getting scolded by her and losing whatever self-esteem and dignity I still have left.

Only the Deer Lakers will understand this, but the lady to my right really reminds me of Anita Bloom. I think its her racial twin, if there is such a thing.

So back to the PE Fest.

This is a one day event that involves races, dances, and other Korean games that I've never seen before. Today we had the PE Fest Practice at a soccer field (I must mention that this field had some amazing astro-turf) that consisted of every event, but this was just the trial run with no parents being present, and we weren't required to wear out new track suits.

I have no role in this festival so I just walked around all day talking to teachers and students. When I'd walk in front of the bleachers where the students were sitting it was crazy. They all yell "Hi... Hello Teacher Richard... Teacher.... Richard...etc..." and I'd yell back "Hello... Hi... How are you... etc..." This would continue for my full trek up the field and I soon just started walking behind the bleachers to keep the yelling to a minimum.

By the third hour kids were coming up to me all sweaty and hot and tired and begging me for water. There was some water bottles kicking around earlier but not nearly enough and some of these kids were suffering. It was hot today.

When I'd tell them I had no water and I didn't know where any was, the look of disappointment on their face couldn't even be removed by my mere presence. I told them to go ask their homeroom teacher but they had obviously already did that and I was there last resort. I hope they continue to like me even though I couldn't provide these little South Koreans the resources they needed.

Only if I was American.

No, wait a minute. To hell with that. Maybe instead of buying me a new track suit that I'll only wear once the school could've bought enough liquids for the kids.

Or even better, they could've bought more water and the track suits.

I recently learned my school is a "model" or "mother" school (I couldn't really tell what they were saying) and they have a very large budget compared to most schools. They are trying to level out the under privileged home life of the children with a better funded school. I think this is a great idea just as long as they spend the money on things that will enhance the children's schooling and education.

One of the things that will definitely give them an advantage is my brand new track suit. I'm not sure how, but I'm sure they know what they're doing.

I hope I get a pair of jogging shoes soon.

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